Protect Your Success

This year, we are going to close out our first decade as your IT department. We are going to start a new decade, with a new initiative, called “Protect Your Success.”

In 2010, Magnitech started with a vision to create a better way to manage IT. We pushed ahead of our competitors with a managed IT philosophy that has now become mainstream. While a vast majority of our industry focused on what was in front of them, we were forward thinking by being strategic, proactive, and innovative.

When Founder and CEO, Tim Pabich, started Magnitech, the worry was about the network going down, data loss, and annoying ads popping up on the screen. Although we are still faced with these challenges, the threats are much different now. Phishing attacks, ransomware, and vicious cyber threats are not always foreign but sometimes from within. Protect Your Success does not limit us to making sure the network is available to your users. It’s about taking into account everything you ever worked for, and protecting it with new and innovative solutions.

We can’t just sit back while the bad guys continue to innovate and think of new ways to take your intellectual property or con your employees into sending all your money away int he form of an electronic payment. We have to be ready and willing to meet these challenges head on and provide additional layers of services that will keep your business moving forward into the next decade.

All throughout 2020 Protect Your Success will be bold, forward thinking, and game changing. We are excited to unveil what our growing team will provide.

Your IT department will not just be an operational function, but a powerful layer that will help your business blossom, as we protect your success.

Contact us today to learn more about how Magnitech can Protect Your Success.

Protect Your Success | Magnitech 2020