Naperville, IL

The days of reading old, boring IT Technical Sales Engineer ads are over. We just gotta’ ask…

  • Tired of being treated like just a “geek?”
  • Feel underappreciated and aren’t getting a chance to shine?
  • Are you chomping at the bit to take that next step and get noticed, and make money!?!

Well, you’re reading this. That’s good. That means, you’re ready for a change. So are we.

We are Magnitech, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that serves the technology demands and network needs of businesses in the Naperville area and beyond. Each of us make up a brilliant team of dedicated intellectuals, some are great at Sales & Marketing, and others are great at Technology & Network infrastructures. Every role, serving an absolute purpose.

That’s where you come in… Keep reading, it gets better.

We don’t want a tech that just knows computers. We could find that really easily. Instead, here are just a few of the skills we expect to recruit:

· Proficient Ability to Take Care of People and their Technology.

· Superior Capacity to Communicate with Clients and Customers.

· Strong Knowledge of Dell, Windows and Cloud-based Solutions.

· A Powerful Desire to be Coached and Trained, to Succeed as an Individual.

Now, let’s talk about the Why you’d want to work here..

We have a wonderful Benefits Package for our Employees, which include Medical and Dental coverage, in addition to a 401k option. We have a competitive salary range, with bonuses, and it’s reserved for the right candidate to learn in the interview process.

Ready for the next step? Good, here are a few final details to consider..

We do not believe that, being career-stuck is a strategy. The greatest rewards are reserved for those, who want to be more and then put in the work, to be their best version of themselves. We expect to retain the best, and that’s why we are so bold about what we want – because we expect to find it.

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