IT Support Specialist Best Practices

With the technology world constantly changing, IT support specialists have to consistently stay on top of their game to provide technical assistance to computer users. It is in the hands of the specialist to deliver a positive experience while communicating every step of the way.

IT support specialists, also known as IT technicians, have a wide variety of skill sets that allow them to solve any and all of their client’s IT and technology issues. A specialist can provide technical assistance and answer questions concerning hardware, software, operating systems, installation, printing, or email (just to name a few).

We compiled four high level best practices that IT support team members can follow to ensure clients are given a consistent and positive experience across the board.


We can say it over and over until our faces turn blue, but this is one of the top best practices a technician can follow to ensure a consistent experience for all IT help desk customers.

Let’s say one of your specialists solves a complex problem that takes a large amount of time. If that process is not documented, what is going to happen if a different specialist handles a similar case in the future? Documentation is a fool proof way of making sure your team is efficient as possible when solving computer problems.

The faster problems are solved, the faster tickets are closed. In the end, this will make for a happier client!


It seems like a no brainer, right? Communicate. We’ve heard it a thousand times.  Customers want status updates, and they want clear communication and expectations from their IT support specialist.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. If you had an IT issue that was holding you back from completing tasks at your job, wouldn’t you want clear and concise communication from the person solving the problem? For example, you would want to know what they think might be happening, how long it may take to fix, or what you can do in the future to prevent this from happening.

On the flip side, clear communication is crucial for the specialist to gather key pieces of information to solve the IT issue as quickly as possible. The customer will need to answer the IT specialist’s questions clearly to help them do their job.


We mean it. Really listen. Listen to what the customer’s pain points are. If the specialist is truly listening, they can offer actionable advice and solutions to the problem at hand. We’ll leave this one short and sweet.

Ask for feedback

The best way to learn is through clear feedback on customer satisfaction level based on the IT support specialist’s performance. If business owners aren’t keeping a finger on the pulse of their CSAT scores, they are doing themselves and their team a disservice.

Here at Magnitech, We use an easy CSAT tool called Smileback. Our customers answer a very short and simple question after every ticket is closed so that we can ensure their are receiving the highest level of service possible – which is what they deserve!

If there are any issues, we are able to solve them right away. We are transparent about our CSAT scores and keep a live feed of our customer satisfaction here.

A new era

The days are long gone where the IT specialist is the quiet person in the back of the room. Technology is at the forefront of the business world and a well run technological infrastructure is crucial for the survival of business today.

It’s time for technicians to be the experts, and to lead customers to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

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