How to Recognize Scams


Magnitech CEO, Tim Pabich, sat on an expert panel to explain how to recognize scams and what to do to protect yourself.

Whether over the phone, in your email inbox or at your favorite retail store, scams are everywhere. Fraudsters and scammers are getting more and more creative every day. As with anything, the best way to protect yourself is through education. It may be worth investing in employee cyber security training opportunities.

Employees are the core of any business and are typically the main target for cyber criminals Making sure your employees and personnel stay up to date with cyber security knowledge is imperative to your cyber security strategy. The world of scams is constantly evolving, and your approach to defense and protecting your business should evolve also.

Trained and aware employees are critical to securing your organization and assets. An effective, on going training strategy is simple to initiate and implement, and could save you in the long run. Reducing your company’s risk and vulnerability is a step in the right direction toward a secure infrastructure.

“The bad guys prey on people by using emotions. They use fear mongering tactics. They’ll robocall you and say there’s a warrant for your arrest to make you nervous, to try and get you to react, ” said Tim Pabich, Founder and CEO of Magnitech.
On the panel, the experts reviewed the top ways you can put a layer of protection on yourself and your business when it comes to scams. Below are the key takeaways from the panel.

Question Everything


It is always important to take a step back and really think about a communication before taking quick action. Would your boss or co worker normally send you this type of request? If your answer is no, you should pick up the phone and call that person to verify it is in fact them.

Cyber coverage


Sometimes it is worth it to look into cyber coverage with your insurance provider. Having a policy in place is just like any other insurance policy; if something does happen, you are thankful you have insurance! It’s an extra layer of protection just in case something happens, and can help you get through whatever loss you suffered as a victim of a scam.


“We’ve made recommendations to make sure you have cyber coverage. Have some policy to weather the storm if something does happen,” said Pabich.

File a report


If you are a victim of a scam, always file a report with your local police department. Most departments have investigators who can help with your case. It never hurts to have this layer of documentation in your favor.

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