How to Choose an IT Consulting Firm

Choosing the right consulting firm for your company can be tough. Choosing the right IT consulting firm for your company can be even harder. With so many choices, how do you know which one will be the best fit for your needs, and who will complete tasks on time and within your budget?

Here are some guidelines to follow that should help you narrow the field considerably and find the firm you feel most comfortable with:


Experience does matter when hiring an IT consultant. When faced with a problem, it saves time and frustration when they can say, “I’ve seen that before and here’s how we handled it.” Getting you back up and running quickly often translates into dollars, both saved and earned.

It also comes into play when protecting your data and privacy. No one wants to be the guinea pig when hackers come attacking your network or website, trying to steal customer data.

Keeping Up With Current Practices

Keeping up with trends, current practices, and the challenges faced in the world of information technology is just as important as knowing how to problem solve. There are always new threats to protect against and bugs to be fixed. If your IT consultant doesn’t know what’s out there, how fast can they get on top of a problem and fix it or make sure you are protected from it?

An IT consulting firm shows this dedication to keeping up with current practices by engaging in certification programs that demonstrate a commitment to staying informed and providing customers with the latest the market has to offer.


This is the time to do your homework. Search for them on Google and LinkedIn. Read the reviews, the endorsements, their profiles and testimonials. Check their references and talk to past clients.

The companies will give you their credentials, but you should ask others about their personalities, work ethic, and team interaction.

Listen to Your Gut

If you don’t like someone, for whatever reason, if they make you uncomfortable, if they don’t communicate well or answer your questions, cross them off your list.

It’s important that you like and trust the firm you are hiring, and you should be excited to get started.


You know what your budget is, but keep in mind that the adage “You get what you pay for” is true. Outsourcing your IT department can help keep your costs within budget without sacrificing quality and commitment. Their location does not matter as the beauty of IT is the ability to work remotely, so don’t write them off if they are in a neighboring state or across the country.

Make sure you provide them with an accurate view of your requirements and expectations, and make sure the quotes you get in return are comparable. Don’t accept hourly rates from one and per project rates from another as you won’t be able to figure out which is the best fit for you on a cost basis.

Let’s Talk!

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