Computer Support Services for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner who has struggled with having enough capital to grow, or has played Russian Roulette when deciding where to allocate funds, you know some things end up on the cutting room floor.

Don’t Neglect IT

Small business computer support services, or IT support, is often written off when dollars are in short supply, but it’s a decision that many businesses realize too late cost them far more than it saved. If your company does any business, or performs any business function (i.e., collecting email addresses from interested people), online and something goes wrong—and it will—that is your moment… The moment when you will either be thankful that you have contracted with a company that provides IT support or you will be wishing that you had.

Consider how much of your day-to-day operations rely on computer systems and networks. What happens if your system goes down or is attacked by hackers? Will your local computer store be able to help you, and do it quickly?

Even the most qualified, non-tech member of your staff is probably not going to be able to handle the intricacies involved. And you can forget doing anything in a timely manner.

The bottom line is shifting by the minute when that happens, and right then it’s a headache. A few hours, maybe a day, later and you could be in an all-out panic attack.

The Benefits

IT specialists can help with all hardware and software needs, from maintenance of existing systems, to determining which new software is not only needed, but the most cost-effective and best fit.

They are also seen as miracle workers by those who’ve experienced the headaches and panic of not having them. Instead, a few keystrokes, a considering look, a stroke of the chin, some intense typing, and a “There you go. All fixed.” can having your whole staff cheering.

There are many other functions IT performs that not only impact the bottom line, but also keep your company, its customers and employees safe. Those include: Monitoring usage, educating staff, preventing breaches, and maximizing profit.

Why Magnitech Solutions?

At Magnitech Solutions, we are committed to being proactive. We know it pays off to be ahead of the curve, so we actively monitor your network and fix any problems as soon as they are discovered, often before you even realize there is an issue. This translates into increased productivity and lowered costs. At the end of the day, we like to say “We own it.” That means we ensure your problem is solved from start to finish.

We are also your defense on the playing field, protecting your network from hackers, cyber criminals, vindictive employees, and malware. Our IT technicians also keep your precious data safe from accidental deletions, power failures and hardware glitches.

In today’s commerce environment, and so much of it being dependent upon online services, having an excellent IT staff protecting you is no longer an option, it’s critical. Don’t unwittingly give customers any reason to complain on social media. Instead, protect them, your systems, and your bottom line.

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