Virtualizing your network allows you to do much more with less, giving you greater stability, lower costs and less down time.

Virtualization is one of the hottest technologies of the 21st century. What does it mean, and how can it benefit your business? We're here to help you harness this technology, and use it to your advantage. From reduced costs, to disaster recovery advantages, virtualization is the perfect solution for businesses looking to do more with less.

Server and Desktop Virtualization

Server Virtualization - Rather than filling up your server room with independent dedicated servers, you can purchase one physical server, and create software-based servers known as virtual servers. These virtual servers use a portion of the physical server's processor, hard drive space, and RAM.  The physical server is typically referred to as a "host" server.  The software-based servers are known as "VMs" or "Virtual Machines."

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - VDI is similar to server virtualization.  One host server can support up to 500 workstations.

Key Benefits

Reduced Energy Costs - With server virtualization and VDI, you can purchase one piece of hardware to host multiple computers.  You'll also save money on temperature control, as it's easier to keep a room cool with one server.

Reduced Capital Costs - Organizations with multiple locations and/or multiple computers will save money by hosting their workstations on one host computer.  Virtualization also reduces cost of PC replacement.

Limited Hardware Dependency - The less hardware your business has, the less likely you'll deal with failed motherboards, hard drives, and RAM.

Disaster Recovery - Easily backup, and restore virtual machine files from one host to another in minutes.

Network Upgrades - Without the need to purchase new hardware, we now have the ability to convert your old, outdated server with old parts that may fail, to a virtual server. This procedure, known as a physical to virtual server migration, is relatively easy to do. In many cases, we've been able to report a significant performance enhancement!

Central Management - Servers and Workstations can be managed from one place, making updates and management fast and efficient.

Remote Access - Access your workstations from anywhere.