Online Data Backup

Being proactive about data backups will allow you to quickly react to any type of data loss or disaster.

Your business' data is likely your most critical asset. If that data were lost, your business' survival would be in jeopardy. Why take any chances with the lifeblood of your business? Priceless data and its protection and integrity should be a top priority in any business.

Choosing the right backup solution.

There are many ways to ensure data protection. A well maintained network is a good start, but what about backing up your data?  Are you dealing with a tape backup solution? Are you backing up to an external hard drive? Proper monitoring of these solutions can keep your data safe, but what if you don't have the resources daily to check on whether or not the backup job worked properly? What if the tape drive fails? What if the hard drives aren't configured properly? What if the backup software malfunctions? What if the person responsible for taking tapes offsite has the day off? What if that person forgets to change the tape? Do you have peace of mind with questions like these?

How can Magnitech Solutions help?

Magnitech Solutions DataVault Service is a backup solution that uploads your data safely and securely.

Key Benefits

Online Data Backup - Magnitech Solutions DataVault service is an online backup service. Using the Internet, data is uploaded and backed up on a custom schedule tailored to your business' requirements.

Fault Tolerance - In the event that Internet is unavailable, our product can seed versions of your backup jobs to a local device (ie external hard drive), and then upload them to our secure vault when available.  

Retain Multiple Versions - Certain pieces of data can be backed up more frequently than others. Have control over how many revisions of your files you want to keep in our vault. Also you can control how often you want to back up your data.

Encryption - Military grade encryption (AES-256). Our service offers silent data corruption protection technology.

Peace of Mind - Backup jobs are constantly monitored by our technical staff, and we'll help you restore and recover data quickly in the event of unfortunate data loss and disaster. With Magnitech Solutions, your data is safe and secure.

Magnitech Solutions' DataVault is included as a core product with Managed Services. Learn more about Managed Services.