Network Security

A safe network from Internet threats will keep employees productive by increasing sales, profits and success.

Protecting your business with a managed firewall is the first step in closing that door to hackers, viruses, spyware, and malware. Hackers will be locked out by IT professionals with Intrusion Protection. Gateway anti-virus and spyware/malware blocking will keep employees productive and safe from common Internet threats before they ever reach the PC.

Key Benefits

Business Class Firewall - Our managed firewalls are quality appliances installed and configured by trained, certified security experts who takes your business' security very seriously.

Web Site Content Filtering - Keep employee productivity high with web site content filtering.

Gateway Anti-Virus - Adding an extra layer of virus protection at the firewall level to ensure your network safe from the latest threats and exploits.

Intrusion Protection - Our security experts will seal the border to your network keeping attackers from compromising your system.

Malware Protection - Malware and Internet viruses are a complete waste of time for your business. On average, businesses waste hundreds of hours dealing with reactive removal of malware and Internet threats. Our proactive end to the struggle is in our managed firewall.

Redundant Internet Failover - As an option, your business can have a second Internet connection available if your primary Internet link goes down. Your firewall will automatically roll over to the backup Internet connection. When the primary link is restored, your firewall will "failback" to the primary Internet connection.

Magnitech Solutions' Managed Firewall is included as a core product with Managed Services.