Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

More Secure, More Productivity, Less Cost

Many businesses struggle with managing their mobile devices.  How many iPads does our company own?  Who has an iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 6?  Is the operating system up-to-date?  What are my Exchange Server settings?  What's the WiFi password at the office?  What's the Magnicloud Sync app called so I can download it?  Our sales manager just resigned, and we don't know his mobile phone PIN and need to get into the phone!  I lost my phone and need it wiped ASAP!  How do we lock down these Android tablets so only specific apps are accessible?  

If you've had any of these questions for our team, you'll know that your answers have come in the form of a manual reactive response which takes time.  Most of our mobile device-related service tickets take on average 20 minutes to resolve.  Wouldn't it be better for your organization if we could automate the process and manage everything for you?

Manual no more!  Automate it with us!

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives us the ability to deploy Email, VPN, and WiFi profiles to your organization in real-time. Remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices, distribute and manage apps, selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal data intact, enable geo-fencing rules to enforce location-based compliance, and much more.


Mobile Device Management is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

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