Magnicloud Sheriff™

Data Loss Prevention, Web Filtering, Employee Monitoring, Device Recovery.

This is Magnicloud Sheriff™, the only complete internal threat platform delivered as a service and deployed on the endpoint. Available through one agent and one interface.

Magnicloud Sheriff™


  • It works both on and off the corporate network
  • It delivers unparalleled visibility
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means it requires no hardware whatsoever
  • Works on laptops that never connect to the corporate network
  • Geo-locate stolen computers - destroy data - work with law enforcement to help you recover the physical property


  • Access your network statistics from a web console
  • Receive real-time alerts when a policy violation occurs
  • Remotely retrieve files from the stolen computer
  • Geo-location more accurate than GPS
  • Granular blocking of applications and web site per user

Magnicloud Sheriff™ Suite

Web Monitoring

By solving the web filtering problem directly at the endpoint (computer), Magnicloud Sheriff™ removes the need for hardware, eliminates latency, and extends protection beyond the corporate network. In addition Magnicloud Sheriff's Web Filtering is designed to extend your visibility beyond a simple list of URLs and give you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe, productive manner.

Employee Monitoring

Monitor and Control all desired employee computer activity on any computer, including laptops that never connect to the corporate network.  Increase employee productivity instantly as well as find out who is leaking confidential data.  Also ideal for compliance and investigations by providing a complete audit tail of all PC activity with screenshots and recorded keystrokes.  Monitor all communications, including email, instant messages, and webmail.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention blocks confidential data from leaving the organization via email, email attachments, or USB devices such as flash memory sticks.  Magnicloud Sheriff™ scans the content before it can leave the organization and determines whether or not a policy violation is being committed.  If there is a violation, it blocks the action.

Device Recovery

Device theft/loss remains the biggest cause of confidential data loss.  Geo-locate stolen laptops and tablets in real-time, remotely delete/retrieve files from the stolen computer, and monitor and control the thief's every action.  We'll also work with law enforcement to help you recovery the physical property.