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Technology Solutions Leading To Success

Magnitech presents solutions that are tried, tested and proven to deliver the results you need to be successful. Many of our solutions can be tried risk free for 30 days.

Our Response Guarantee
Business interruption due to technical challenges can be damaging and incredibly frustrating. When your business requires technical support, you’ll need a company that you can rely on and trust during your time of need. With Magnitech Solutions Managed Services, you will:

•  Receive a customized service-level agreement that clearly outlines our response time.
•  Have a technical team standing by to answer your phone calls.
•  Receive mission-critical, on-site technical support when required.
•  Speak to knowledgeable, experienced IT professionals.
•  Feel like you have your own concierge service for IT.
•  Have peace of mind.


Our Service Offerings
Our service offerings guarantee you'll have the best techs, service and value so that your business can forget about IT challenges and focus on your business. That's the peace of mind we'll deliver.

Magnicloud Sync™

Magnicloud Sync™ provides your business a cloud-based file server that syncs files and folders to local devices with high-level security and real-time backups.

Magnicloud Sheriff™

Magnicloud Sheriff™ provides your business its own internal threat protection suite designed to protect your assets while keeping employees productive.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Solutions are designed to provide fast and effective recovery to mitigate the risks associated with a variety of disaster scenarios.

Online Data Backup

Are you making sure your data is backed up regularly? Is your data safe? Automate the process and have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

Email Spam Filtering

Are you concerned about missing critical emails during an outage? Are getting too much spam? Our solutions stop unwanted spam messages, as well as provide email retention for outages, where your users can access web-based email until service is restored.

Network Security

A safe network from Internet threats will keep employees productive, thus increasing sales, profits and success.

Network Monitoring

Being proactive is the key to a stable business network. Our network monitoring is an early warning detection system designed to limit bad surprises, which can result in business interruption.


Server Virtualization allows you to do much more with less, giving you greater stability and lower hardware costs.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems have more features, and are more cost effective long-term. Many businesses today still have old Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS), which run over analog phone lines.

Turn to Magnitech Solutions as the single source for all your technology needs and gain peace of mind knowing your computers and network are managed by the most trusted technology advisor and leading provider of Managed IT Services and Consulting for small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area.