Email Spam Filtering

Email Filtering keeps your mail server safe from spam and malicious attacks while improving network performance.

Our email filtering product is managed in the cloud, where our team of engineers are working to make sure that you never see a single spam message. Our spam fighting solution requires no action on your part, no software, and no worries of forgetting to renew licenses. Put your trust in us, and we'll deliver peace of mind.

Key Benefits

Cloud-Based Message Filtering - Aside from PC slowness, spam may be the biggest nuisance for end-users. Our cloud-based filtering solution takes care of all unwanted email messages, viruses, and email attacks.

Inbound and Outbound Filtering - Not only do we filter your incoming mail, but we filter your outbound mail as well.

Outbound Relaying - Sending your mail through us will guarantee that your message will be delivered. We will queue messages for you and deliver them when your recipients' mail server becomes available.

Improved Network Performance - On-premise email filters add stress to your network and slowing down servers, firewalls, and Internet speeds. Our cloud-based filter can save your network from tens of thousands of unwanted messages per week.

User Controls - Never worry about whether messages are being blocked. Our daily quarantine report is send to you for your review, where you can manage your own spam settings, and release quarantined messages to your inbox. We put you in control.

Email Message Continuity - Email Message Continuity provides an automated recovery service enabling web-based email access, and a retention for messages if your mail server becomes unavailable. In case of email service interruption either planned, or unplanned, your locally hosted email messages will be managed offsite with us while service is being restored. When service is restored, your messages will be delivered to your local mail server.

Never Miss Any Emails - Whether it's scheduled afterhours maintenance, a power outage, or hardware failure, our continuity system will retain your messages until your server is back online.

Web-Based Email Access - Stay connected and access your emails in real-time via the web.

Short-Term Disaster Recovery - Our continuity system can retain your email messages for up to 1 week.

Magnitech Solutions' Email Spam Filtering and Message Continuity are included as core products with Managed Services.