Disaster Recovery

Magnitech Solutions can implement disaster recovery solutions guaranteed to deliver peace of mind.

Today, all companies rely heavily on computer systems in order to conduct daily business, and like many companies, you may not have thought about disaster recovery until someone accidentally deleted a file or after you encountered a major outage on your network. Our Disaster Recovery Solutions are designed to provide fast and effective recovery to mitigate the risks associated with a variety of disaster scenarios.

Key Benefits

Online Data Backup - Maintaining traditional backups to external hard drives and tapes can be difficult due to hardware, software, human dependency. For example, tape drives, tapes, and hard drives can fail. Software malfunctions can cause backups to fail or not run for weeks. Furthermore, businesses rely on someone on-site to change tapes or hard drives on a daily basis. One problem can cause backups to fail, and without the proper monitoring, you'd never know you were without a backup when you might need it most. We recommend the use of online backups for your most critical data. Online Data Backup does not require any investment in hardware or software, and is far more reliable. Restoring files takes minutes, and is managed daily by the Magnitech Managed Services team.

Business Disaster Recovery Appliance - Backups are an excellent measure for protecting data, but if you require rapid restoration of service from a major disaster, a Business Disaster Recovery solution (BDR) is for you. The BDR service stores periodic production ready snapshots of your server files, applications, and system states both locally and remotely, providing recovery times as little as a few minutes. We store several historic images allowing you the option to choose from several restore points. Images can be quickly restored to a virtual server on the local appliance on premise, or to the remote appliance in a secure data center.

BDR Benefits Include:

  • Secure on premise and offsite storage for full server snapshots
  • Multiple restore options such as files, or server virtualization
  • Multiple restoration points
  • Reduce recovery from days to minutes
  • Peace of Mind