Cloud Services

Cloud Services increase your network's reliability, reducing capital expenses.

Magnitech Solutions embraces cloud-based technologies aimed at helping your business' continued success.

Service Offerings

Magnicloud Sync™ - A fully-managed sync, share and collaboration platform with better security, more features and robust tracking and auditing capabilities. Learn more about Magnicloud Sync™.

Magnicloud Sheriff™ - Increase production with employee web site monitoring, data anti-theft, and laptop tracking. (service soming soon)

Disaster Recovery Solutions - Our BDR solution with Magnitech DataVault is the sure way to protect your network from unfortunate disasters. We'll make sure your network has the proper continuity and contingency in place to maximize up-time and deliver peace of mind. Learn more about Disaster Recovery.

Hosted Server - Do you want a server without the expense of hardware, software, energy, and support? Let us host it for you in our data center. We can provide a home for your physical server, or you can rent space on one of our servers.

Email Archiving Solutions - Magnitech has the ability to archive your email offsite for storage management, journal and record all email messages inbound and outbound, and recover deleted information past the default retention period. Our email archiving solution provides an effective method for implementing compliance procedures to meet regulatory requirements and be fully prepared in the event of any litigation.

Email Spam Filtering and Continuity - Aside from PC slowness, spam may be the biggest nuisance for end-users. Our cloud-based filtering solution takes care of all unwanted email messages, viruses, and email attacks. We filter messages inbound and outbound. In case of email service interruption for any reason, your locally hosted email will enjoy the benefits of our email continuity system, whereby your email messages will be managed offsite with us while service is being restored. Email Spam Filtering and Continuity comes standard with Magnitech's Managed Services.

Online Data Backup - Your data will be safe with Magnitech DataVault. Our data retention solution is designed to back up your company's electronic data redundantly; both locally, and to our secure, encrypted vault online. Magnitech DataVault Online Data Backup comes standard with Magnitech's Managed Services.

Web Development and Hosting - Don't let a poorly designed web site, or no web site at all, hurt your sales potential. Marketing experts agree that a well designed, maintained, and detailed web site is necessary for increased sales and profitability. Our team can help with content writing, advice, design and hosting.