About Magnitech Solutions, Inc.

The Truth Behind Our Name

Magni - Latin root-word meaning GREAT

Tech - Short for TECHNOLOGY

Working Toward A Mutual Goal: Peace of Mind

Magnitech Solutions offers more than just technical solutions. We are a business partner designed to handle all of your IT needs so you can focus on your business. We believe that by holding ourselves to higher standards, and embracing our values, we are able to honorably maintain a level of service that is second to none.

We hold ourselves accountable by learning about your business, proposing the right solutions, and following through on our commitments.

We will be there for you when you need it most.

We believe in our adherence to moral and ethical business practices.

We believe that any successful partnership, whether in business or not, is predicated on trust.

Response Guarantee

Business interruption due to technical challenges can be damaging and incredibly frustrating. When your business requires technical support; you’ll need a company that you can rely on and trust during your time of need.

With Magnitech Solutions Managed Services, you will:

• Receive a customized service-level agreement that clearly outlines response time
• Have a technical team standing by to answer your phone calls
• Receive mission-critical, on-site technical support when required
• Speak to knowledgeable, experienced IT professionals
• Feel like you have your own concierge service for IT
• Have Peace of Mind

Trained In Excellence

We believe strongly in our focus and dedication to customer service, training, and good personnel. Our consultants have various certifications and train regularly to stay on top of all new technologies. We believe strongly in not only good technicians, but good business people you can be comfortable with.

How We Can Help

With Magnitech Solutions, you can:

• Receive an enterprise-strength IT department at a fraction of the cost.
• Rely upon service-oriented, qualified, and experienced IT professionals.
• Depend on us to identify issues with proactive management.
• Protect against daily security threats and enhance your business continuity.
• Access a single point of contact to resolve IT issues quickly.
• Stay on top of technology advances with your own virtual CIO.
• Manage IT budgets predictably.
• Have Peace of Mind.